Emi - 5 months

I'm a little behind on posting this since 6 months is just around the corner, but I still can't believe my little Emi is already 5 months old.  Didn't she just come  home with me from the hospital?  When they say the newborn days fly by, they weren't kidding.  Newborns in addition to toddlers make time go by EVEN faster.  I haven't done any monthly updates on Emi so I thought that no time is better than the present!  Here we go...

Age: 5 months 

Weight:  16 lbs. 2 oz (70th percentile) 

Height: 25.5 inches (65th percentile) 

Head circumference: 42.5 cm (81st percentile) 

Shirt (Gap - sold out)  |  Headband (Carters)

Clothes: Emi seems to be growing much faster than Evie did.  As a 5 month old, she is mostly in 6 month clothes, with most of her sleepers a 9 month size.  

Favorite Foods: We haven't introduced much solids...just a few tries of Oatmeal cereal so far, and she is not really a fan it seems.

Favorite Words: So far it's just one - Ma. :)

Favorite Activities: Emi is definitely in the "pulling" and "putting everything in her mouth" phase.  She loves to grab on to whatever she can get and has quite the grip!  She seems to love chewing/slobbering all over all her toys.  Another favorite activity is playing with her feet (as demonstrated in the below pictures!)

Favorite Things: Mommy of course! :)

Signature Moves: The queen of drool...and smiles.

Other Milestones: She is getting close to sitting on her own!  Other milestones include being able to pull and grab toys, great tummy time/head control, and putting alot of weight on her feet.  Do we have an early walker on our hands? ;)

And then, of course, for those of you who came for the pictures...
P.S. Don't mind the dirty sock - not sure how that happened!!  :)


My First Stitch Fix!

I finally jumped on the Stitch Fix bandwagon!  I've been following many bloggers that have tried it and have heard so many positive things.  I actually filled out a style profile on the website a while ago (while I was pregnant) but knew I wanted to wait a few months after my baby was born before I joined.  I luckily have lost a bit of weight since Emi was born, and so I finally pulled the trigger and decided I wanted to try it out. 

Here are the items I got in my first Stitch Fix!  I would love to hear what you think and if you agree/disagree with my picks!  On a side note...sorry for the poor quality and lighting on these pictures!  I snapped them in a rush at my mom's house during my lunch break from work! :)

#1:  Sweet Rain - Isaac Floral Print Tab-Sleeve Blouse ($48) -- Returned 

This is a shirt that I would probably NEVER pick for myself.  I was not immediately drawn to it when I opened my box, but when I tried it on it was very light and flowy and I love the idea of pairing it with jeans or black pants.  Even though I typically love sheer blouses like this, I decided to pass because I couldn't see myself wearing this more than a couple times.

#2:  Kurt From the Kloth - Maribel Straight Leg Jean ($88) -- Kept

I was super excited to see a pair of jeans in my box!  I have the hardest time finding jeans that fit me right...and I think these do!  They do not slide down (like most of my other jeans) and I love the straight fit.  They are also SUPER comfortable.  Although they were really expensive, I decided to keep these, because I'm sure I will wear them all the time.

#3:  41Hawthorn - Queensland Dolman Jersey Top ($48) -- Returned

I actually really liked this shirt alot.  I'm obsessed with dark purple and the fit on this shirt was right up my alley.  The material is also super soft and I loved the high neckline of this (great for pairing with statement necklaces!)  Even though it was a tough decision, I sent this back because I just couldn't convince myself it was worth the cost.

#4:  Loveappella - Michelle Cross Back Knit Top ($48) -- Returned

I liked the simplicity of this shirt and was attracted to the cross back, but when I tried it on, I just didn't like it.  The cross back looked strange to me, and otherwise it was just really plain.  Definitely not worth the cost in my mind.

#5:  Romolo - Starla Ornate Collar Necklace ($44) -- Kept

So...I'm a sucker for jewelry.  I feel like a nice necklace can spice up even the most boring outfit.  This necklace immediately caught my attention.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  It was a no-brainer to keep this one!

Overall, I really liked my Stitch Fix box!!  It was so much fun to receive it and try on all the items!  As a mom to 2 kids, I just don't have time to shop for clothes for myself (nor am I good at picking out clothes) so it is AWESOME to find a service like Stich Fix that will match you up with a stylist and pick items for you!  My wardrobe is in desperate need of a refresh so I am super excited to get new items sent every month.  

I strongly encourage you to sign up to try it for yourself!  If you go for it like I did, please click here to use my referral link!  Thank you!!!