Happy Leap Day / Catch-up Post!

Happy Leap Day everyone! Since we get an extra day this year, I thought what better way to use that time than to FINALLY write a new post! My delays in posting can usually be attributed to a hectic life with our two girls! I don’t know how all you mamas find the time to update your blogs! Especially you full time working moms! KUDOS to you! I can barely find time to go pee! Ha. Anyways, we’ve been just trying to make it through winter and combat some sicknesses. Earlier this month Evie got sick with strep throat, and Emi has had 2 ear infections. My poor babies. I hate seeing them sick…it’s tough on everyone. I’m happy to report we’ve gone 2 weeks without anyone being sick…knock on wood! Spring needs to get here PRONTO! :)

In an effort to play a bit of catch up, I wanted to share a few photos from the last several weeks. Some are from Valentine’s Day (I know, we’re so late! Ha) and the others have been sitting on my phone.  

Make sure you check out that last picture of Evie & Emi holding hands while watching cartoons the other day.  They even chose to sit on the same couch next to each other even though they each have their own.  I CAN'T EVEN.  My heart is melted.  

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