It's been a year!

One year ago I set up a blog for myself on an impulse.  At that time I had been following several blogs for a while and thought I'd try writing my own!  Never did I think I would keep at it for this long!!  As a full-time working mom, it's definitely been challenging to find time to update my blog, but I'm super happy that I have kept at it!  While I might not be the best blogger out there, I have really enjoyed sharing a little piece of my world with all of you.  I have virtually met some wonderful bloggers along the way and have really appreciated all the kind words and comments that many of you have left.  I really have a great sense of respect for all the moms out there who obviously do so much for their children and it's heart-warming to see the amount of love pouring out from many of you.  I always wanted this blog to serve as a sort of online journal of my experiences as a mom, wife, friend, etc.  I hope to look back at it one day and remember all the wonderful memories that have been created.  Now that I am expecting baby #2 in just under a month, I am looking forward to continuing to share my experiences and hopefully continue to grow my blog and connect and meet more of you!!  

Thank you to everyone who has been following along and I look forward to the next year of blogging!!! 

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Nursery Inspirations!

Happy Friday everyone! Even though this was a short week due to Labor Day, it seemed that Friday would never get here. But here we are! This weekend, we are planning on doing some major work on the nursery and transforming Evie's room into a big girl room! We have bought Evie a full size mattress and will be converting her crib this weekend. Hopefully she does well with the transition! I will be sure to share some pictures of her big girl room once we make all the changes! In the meantime, I wanted to share an inspiration board I made a while back for the nursery! I am VERY excited to start putting it all together!  We are a bit behind on everything since my due date is in just 5 weeks, but I know we will manage to get everything in place before baby girl #2 arrives!  I am going for a baby pink/aqua/gold theme.  I LOVE the Melissa and Doug giant giraffes and knew I wanted to include that as a main focal piece in the nursery too.  Hopefully it all comes together! :)

Why Hello September!

Happy September everyone!  I hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing Labor Day weekend.  It's crazy to realize that we are at the unofficial end of summer and that it is almost time to say goodbye to this season.  As much as I love fall, I always seem to get a little sad when the summer months come to a close.  I have to say, changing seasons are one of my favorite things about living in Chicago. Hopefully I am not disappointed and we get a lovely fall this year!  But before I totally switch gears to fall, we wanted to get in some last bit of summer goodness this weekend.  It was the last day the local pools were open and I had not yet taken Evie to a splash pad/pool so this was our last chance!  She had a BLAST!  Our good friends Anna and Ralph joined with their 2 little ones as well so Evie was in great company!  We kept going back and forth between the splash pad area and the pool.  Evie was a little hesitant of the splash pad at first but after a while, she was running around and screaming in delight. :)  I really wish we would have taken her a few more times this summer.  But, there are always indoor places, right? ;)  

Here are a few pictures from our outing at the pool this weekend.  We spent the rest of the weekend cleaning out our office to make room for baby #2's nursery and doing some shopping!  Among our big purchases this weekend were a big girl mattress for Evie and a new crib and dresser for baby girl #2!  I'm super excited for everything to arrive and to start converting the rooms for our girls! ;)  Stay tuned for more updates!  


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