Stitch Fix Review #3 - April 2015

Stitch Fix #3 arrived last week!  I told myself I wouldn't peek and what do I do as soon as I get an email that says my fix has shipped?  I peek.  I have no willpower whatsoever. Ha!  Initially when I looked up all the items, I didn't think I would like anything.

Here are the items I got this month!  I would love to hear what you think and if you agree/disagree with my picks!

#1:  Papermoon - Cherri Lace Detail Sleeveless Blouse ($48) -- Returned 

When I first saw this shirt, I didn't think it was really my style...I do like lace, but this seemed more like a "night on the town" type shirt that I wouldn't really wear too often.  When I tried it on, I was surprised that I did like it.  The only problem was that the fit was way too loose on me in the front.  You can't tell from this picture, but when I turned to the side, it totally looked like a maternity shirt.  No bueno.  

#2:  41Hawthorn - Jace Dot Print Fit & Flare Dress ($48) -- Returned

I was pretty excited to get a dress in my box for just $48.  I think my stylist did a good job of picking a dress that is classic and long enough for me (I'm not a fan of minis these days.)  As much as the design appealed to me, I just wasn't a huge fan of the fit.  I think the dress was just too snug...or maybe the pleats were not flattering?  Whatever it was, I just decided this one was not for me.

#3:  Zad - Adrianna Circle Bib Necklace ($34) -- Kept

Necklaces...always my weakness.  I was looking for a versatile necklace and this fit the bill!  I love gold tones and how pretty and delicate this necklace seemed...while also making a statement!  I can see myself wearing this with shirt and dresses alike!  I was happy to keep this one!  

#4:  Fun2Fun - Carol Blouse ($28) -- Returned

Oh boy.  This one was good in theory...but just NO.  The pattern was bad and the fit was even worse.  As soon as I lifted my arms, the whole shirt lifted and started separating at my chest area.  While the price was very appealing (a blouse for $28?!), I had to pack this one away as quickly as I took it out.

#5:  Margaret M - Emer High Wasited Cropped Trouser ($98) -- Kept

I had specifically asked for cropped pants this fix and my stylist delivered!  Black dress pants are a staple in any girls closet and these were just awesome.  At first I was hesitant when I saw "high waisted."  I also noticed immediately that these looked more like yoga pants than professional work pants (no pockets, buttons, or zippers.)  But as soon as I put them on, they fit like a glove and were SUPER comfy.  The price tag made my jaw drop, but I kept them because I know I will wear them often!

Another fix that was just OK.  Seems like all my fixes have been 2/5 fixes.  Fingers crossed that my next fix (which will arrive in mid-May) is better!  I'm really hoping to add some quality pieces to my wardrobe this Spring/summer!

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Emi - 6 month update

First off, I have no idea how we are at SIX months already!  I still feel like it was just the other day that I was still pregnant!  Other than getting sick quite a bit lately (thanks to Evie bringing home those fun daycare germs) Emi has been so much fun these last few weeks.  She is starting to develop a little personality and I love watching her discover new things.  It's ok to be a little obsessed with your kids, right? ;)

Age: 6 months 

Weight:  17 lbs. 8 oz (76th percentile) 

Height: 26.25 inches (66th percentile) 

Head circumference: 43.5 cm (85th percentile) 

Clothes: Emi is definitely outgrowing all her 6 months clothes and has jumped in 9 month clothes.  The other day I had to clear out all her small clothes.  It's so sad when you have to pack away items that they only wore maybe once or twice!  Babies grow too fast!!!

Favorite Foods:  We have been giving Emi oatmeal for about a month but have just recently started jars!  So far we have tried Sweet Potatoes (Emi was a fan) and Apples (not a fan surprisingly!)

Favorite Words:  Broken record of "Mama."  All day long....

Favorite Activities:  Bouncing, chewing on things, and smacking her lips

Favorite Things:  Lately Emi is obsessed with her big sister.  She is constantly giggling anytime Evie pays attention to her.  You can see the admiration in her little brown eyes. :) 

Signature Moves:  Definitely the bouncing is a signature move.   

Other Milestones:  Emi is now fully sitting up on her own.  She will occasionally still lose her balance and topple over, which is usually why we have pillows around her, but overall she's pretty good at sitting on her own!  She's also become much better at eating from a spoon.  Our doctor seems to think crawling is also not too far off in the horizon.


Stitch Fix #2 Review - April 2015

So, my second Stitch Fix box arrived this week!  It's always so exciting to get a new box!  When your box ships, you can click on the "checkout" link on your main account page and basically see a listing of what they sent.  I was bad and peeked at the content before I received the box.  Hopefully I will have the willpower to not peek next time and be surprised! That's a big part of the fun! :)

Here are the items I got this month!  I would love to hear what you think and if you agree/disagree with my picks!

#1:  19 Cooper - Javi Sheer Panel Blouse ($58) -- Kept 

I loved this shirt from the moment I pulled it out of the box.  The colors on the shirt were very fun and I could definitely see myself wearing this to work, a family party, etc.  I knew this would be a shirt I could easily pair with jeans or dress up with a skirt.  The size they sent me was too big (especially in the arm holes, but the Stitch Fix customer service team was able to locate my size and will be shipping me the correct size.

#2:  Collective Concepts - May Chevron Knit Back Top ($54) -- Returned

I was not sure about this top when I pulled it out of the box.  The orange was pretty bright and I'm not really a huge fan of Chevron.  I was actually surprised how much I liked it when I put it on!  The shape was actually pretty nice and I could see myself wearing this out in the summer for a BBQ, etc.  Unfortunately, since I'm trying to add pieces to my wardrobe that will work for multiple occasions, I had to pass on this one.  It came down to the fact that I probably would not be able to wear this one to work since it's so bright.

#3:  41Hawthorn - Dita Sleeveless Ponte Dress ($68) -- Returned

I was excited to get this dress since I have seen it posted online and the style was simple and classic - just what I usually love.  Unfortunately I was sad to see that they sent me a royal blue color, which I normally love, but I have almost an identical dress in the SAME COLOR!  Bummer.  I also didn't think it flattered me very well.  The middle bands hit at the wrong spot.  So, sadly, this one went back.

#4:  Look by M - Davie Striped Wrap Scarf ($28) -- Kept

Initally, I didn't love this scarf.  I normally like more vibrant colors for my accessories, but upon trying it on at home and getting opinions from others, I decided to keep it.  It's super lightweight and will be really perfect to pair with outfits this Spring and to grab for those chilly Summer nights.

#5:  Just Black - Jimmy Ankle Length Skinny Jeans ($88) -- Returned

I was really hoping to get a good pair of skinny jeans this month.  I have actually never been a skinny jeans girl before, and now I know why...they just won't really work for my pear-shaped body.  Hopefully I can find straight-leg jeans that are narrow enough to wear with boots...that was the goal.

Overall, this Stitch Fix box was just ok.  I am hoping that with each month that goes by, I get better and better items.  In the meantime, it's super fun and convenient to get clothes shipped to me!    

I strongly encourage you to sign up to try it for yourself!  If you go for it like I did, please click here to use my referral link!  Thank you!!!

Easter Recap!

Easter is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate with kids...second to Christmas of course ;)  This year, Evie was old enough to get really excited about coloring Easter eggs and anticipate the arrival of the Easter bunny (who would bring her a basket of goodies!)  In our household, we usually color Easter eggs on the Friday before Easter and we bless our baskets on the Saturday before Easter at our family's church.  In the Polish tradition, Easter baskets are usually packed with items like sausage/kielbasa, bread, eggs, water, salt & pepper, butter, etc.  Basically, we go to bless food items that we will eat on Easter.  We had a wonderful weekend with the kiddos.  

Below are some pictures! :)

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