5 Fun Indoor Activities for Toddlers

Who has 2 thumbs and didn’t post anything on her blog for another full month? This mama. Apparently, I’m not very good at this blogging thing! How did I find time to do this before? Oh yea, only 1 kid. ;) Since my last post, we’ve been keeping ourselves busy with lots of indoor activities, since the weather here hasn’t really quite gotten to lovely Spring levels yet. For those of you still waiting for Spring like we are, I thought I’d share 5 fun/unique ideas we have come up with to keep our kiddos busy and entertained…outside of regular at-home play and crafts, which are good too. :)

1)  Go to the library. I am a strong believer that you need to start introducing kids to books as early as possible! So whether your little ones are 3 months old or 5 years old…the library is a great place!!! 

2)  Go to a show! We are lucky to live close to a big city so there are always plenty of shows and events to go to! Recently, we took Evie to go see Disney Live!, which is a stage show with all the Disney characters – Mickey, Minnie, you know…the gang. ;) She was in Heaven. Although, forewarning…be prepared to dish out $25 on a light up toy, otherwise, you’ll be “that parent” with a screaming child that wants that toy that other girl has. Fun times. 

3)  Plan some indoor swimming/waterpark fun. My kids LOVE water! Emi, in particular, we have to usually pry out of the bathtub every night, because she just won’t quit splashing. Evie does swimming lessons weekly as well, and she loves it. In a few weeks we are packing up and heading to an indoor park too. I’m sure both girls will have a blast! 

4)  Visit a Children’s Museum. Again, we are lucky to live by so many great places. We have an amazing children’s museum close to us, that is really amazing. Evie's daycare took a fieldtrip there recently.  I’m sure we’ll be planning a few more trips there soon while we wait for nicer weather. 

5)  Playdates! If you’re like me, you have friends or family members that have kids that are close in age to your kids! Plan some time to get the kiddos together. It will give you an excuse to catch up with your friend/relative too. Perfect. 

 Would love to hear more indoor fun ideas for toddlers! Let me know in the comments below.