Sunflowers at Twilight

After the storms rolled out yesterday, there were a few moments of utter silence outside, so the family and I decided to take advantage with some outdoor time.  Evie, of course, headed straight toward my car...or as she calls it "boom boom."  She proceeded to clear off all the rain drops with her hands.  Must be that Polish-ness - always wanting to clean! ;)  I also couldn't help but post a close-up of her cute new shoes too!  Love them!!!

 Shirt  |  Pants

I've also been admiring our sunflower garden over the last couple weeks.  Unfortunately, the arrival of Fall has meant that our sunflowers have started to droop down and lose their vivacity.  Regardless, we have started to pull them off and eat the seeds!  I'm not as much of a sunflower seed eater, but Tom LOVES them.  Evie seems to enjoy them as well...or at least, whatever makes it inside her mouth instead of on the grass. ;)

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