It's the Little Things - Week 4!

Happy Wednesday everyone!  Today marks one month of linking up with Ashley from Words about Waverly and Jess from Sadie Sky Boutique for "It's the Little Things!"  This is a very fun initiative and, as always, I'm happy to participate!

Lately Evie has been obsessed with water.  She LOVES bath time and LOVES washing her hands under a running faucet.  She always has a tantrum gets upset if the bathroom door is closed and I don't let her sit on the sink to wash her hands.  As annoying as it sometimes can be, when I step back, it's actually pretty adorable.  My little girlfriend just loves her some water!  And, I don't blame her!  Water is pretty cool, ha.  She is most adorable when she points at the soap dispenser, I help her wash her hands with it, and then she throws her hands in my face so that I can smell how lovely her hands smell.  I usually play along and inhale and go "ooooo wow!"  Evie loves this and always has the hugest smile on her face.  It makes me, in turn smile too!  It's these little things that make me appreciate this age.  She's exploring everything and it's incredibly cute watching her. 



  1. She is just too cute! I am a new follower! Can't wait to read more!

  2. So cute. Elin has been loving water more and more as well. She likes to turn the bathroom faucet on and off while I am in there getting ready.


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