Emi - 6 month update

First off, I have no idea how we are at SIX months already!  I still feel like it was just the other day that I was still pregnant!  Other than getting sick quite a bit lately (thanks to Evie bringing home those fun daycare germs) Emi has been so much fun these last few weeks.  She is starting to develop a little personality and I love watching her discover new things.  It's ok to be a little obsessed with your kids, right? ;)

Age: 6 months 

Weight:  17 lbs. 8 oz (76th percentile) 

Height: 26.25 inches (66th percentile) 

Head circumference: 43.5 cm (85th percentile) 

Clothes: Emi is definitely outgrowing all her 6 months clothes and has jumped in 9 month clothes.  The other day I had to clear out all her small clothes.  It's so sad when you have to pack away items that they only wore maybe once or twice!  Babies grow too fast!!!

Favorite Foods:  We have been giving Emi oatmeal for about a month but have just recently started jars!  So far we have tried Sweet Potatoes (Emi was a fan) and Apples (not a fan surprisingly!)

Favorite Words:  Broken record of "Mama."  All day long....

Favorite Activities:  Bouncing, chewing on things, and smacking her lips

Favorite Things:  Lately Emi is obsessed with her big sister.  She is constantly giggling anytime Evie pays attention to her.  You can see the admiration in her little brown eyes. :) 

Signature Moves:  Definitely the bouncing is a signature move.   

Other Milestones:  Emi is now fully sitting up on her own.  She will occasionally still lose her balance and topple over, which is usually why we have pillows around her, but overall she's pretty good at sitting on her own!  She's also become much better at eating from a spoon.  Our doctor seems to think crawling is also not too far off in the horizon.


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