Family celebrations and 19 week bumpdate!

Happy Tuesday everyone!  Who, like me, is already counting down to the long weekend?!  I am super excited about the extra family time a long weekend brings, and of course the BBQs, ice cold drinks, and outdoor time!  We have been super busy lately with family events.  We had a wedding 2 weeks ago and a first communion celebration this past weekend.  Here are some pictures from the celebration.  Evie had an absolute BLAST running around and dancing to the music the DJ was playing.  There were a ton of kids and the DJs really catered to them.  All the kids got glow necklaces and bracelets, which just added to the fun nature of the event.  It was really great seeing her have so much fun.  It makes me a little less nervous about signing her up for daycare later this summer.  Since we have baby #2 on the way, we decided to take some of the burden off the grandparents (who will hopefully help look after the baby once I return to work after maternity leave), and put Evie in a daycare 3 days a week to start.  We did some visits to different places and found one place that we really love and think she will thrive in!  Hopefully it will be great for her to interact more with other kids too!     

We've had some up and down weather forecasts in the Midwest recently, so this past weekend was a bit chilly.  Regardless, we decided to take our usual Saturday trip to the park down the street.  How cute are Evie and daddy holding hands crossing the street?!  I couldn't resist snapping this shot. :)     

  I've also been slacking off on posting bumpdates!  Here's my 19 week bumpdate:  
How Far Along: 19 weeks
Size of Baby:  Baby is the size of an heirloom tomato!
Gender: We find out next week!!!  I can't wait to share with you all :)
Weight Gain: Still hovering around 5 lbs.  I think I've actually lost some weight!  I'm sure I'll start gaining like crazy soon enough.
Symptoms:  Nothing major to report - feeling pretty good! 
Food Cravings/Aversions: Chocolate cravings are in full swing.  Chocolate milk, chocolate candy, chocolate anything for me really! ha.
Movement:  I've felt some definite flips and turns lately!  Baby seems to be quite the acrobat!
Sleep:  Sleeping really well lately and also going to bed around 9pm every night.  Old lady much??! ;)
Maternity Clothes:  I can still fit in to most of my jeans but they are getting uncomfortable so I have definitely pulled out the maternity stuff.  I can't wait to live in elastic waistbands. ha.
What I Miss:  Definitely indulging in a glass of wine.  With the recent wedding and communion we were at, I was so wanting to drink a bottle glass of wine. 
Best Moment this week:  Feeling a very prominent flip by the baby during a stressful day at work.  It immediately put a smile on my face. :)
Looking Forward To:  Finding out the gender next week!  Boy or girl, I can't wait to finally know.  I'm sure it will help strengthen the bond with this little baby and make me even more excited for October to get here!

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  1. YAY! 19 weeks!!! I bet you are on pins and needles waiting to find out the gender. I bet Evie will love going to play with other kiddos when the baby comes. Just look at it as the start of preschool. :)


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