2 year update!

I'm in disbelief just writing this, but Evie is officially TWO years old!  My little baby is not a baby anymore!  In fact, she's quite the active toddler that definitely keeps us on our toes!  Evie had her 2 year old checkup last week so I thought I'd share a few stats and updates with all of you!

Age: 2 years

Weight:  27 lbs. 6 oz (76th percentile) 

Height: 33 1/2 inches (49th percentile) - her 18 month appointment said she was 34 inches...no she didn't shrink ;)  This visit they measured her standing up (vs. laying down) so they said the measurements might be off on this one.

Head circumference: 48 cm (72nd percentile) 
Clothes: Evie is now mostly wearing 2T clothes.  She still definitely has some 18-24 month shirts,skirts, and dresses, but most pants this size just fall too short now.  I imagine she'll be wearing 2T for quite a bit, so I'm planning on investing in some cute 2T outfits for the fall...hey, we DO have another little girl on the way that can wear these clothes too now.  That's my excuse for shopping and I'm sticking to it! ;)  As far as show size, she mostly wearing size 7 now but some of her size 6 shoes still fit too.  

Favorite Foods: Evie has NOT been a great eater lately.  I think it's because she's so active that sitting down to eat is tough!  However, when she does actually eat, her favorite things seem to be soups (tomato is a winner), pork hot dogs, bread and butter, cereal, oatmeal, and ANYTHING sweet.  Looks like Evie definitely inherited my love of sweets. 
Favorite Words: It's crazy how much more Evie is talking now.  She has become quite a little chatterbox at times!  There is still a bunch of gibberish that comes out of her mouth.  I'm always like "what did you say?!" but she also has picked up SO much in the last few weeks alone.  Last time we counted, she was definitely over 50 words, and has even started putting 2-3 word sentences together.  By far, her favorite thing to say is "Mama, chodz tu" which means "Mommy, come here!" ;)  As I mentioned previously in a post, we have been speaking to Evie in Polish exclusively.  My husband and I are both fluent and we want Evie to also know the language!  In terms of the "mommy, come here"...she LOVES to show us things.  I'm always going over to her so she can show me how she jumps, dances, kisses her baby doll, etc. etc. :) 

Favorite Activities: Being the active toddler she is, Evie loves pretty much anything that involves jumping, climbing, running, etc.  She LOVES the park and is constantly pointing in the direction of it wanting to go.  She also loves to throw/kick around a ball, splash around in a pool, and jump on a trampoline.  
Favorite Things: She LOVES her baby dolls.  This has been an obsession for quite some time.  She calls them all by the same name:  "Dudus."  I'm convinced this is a combination of the word for baby in Polish and her cousin Declan's name. haha.  Evie also really loves to sing, dance, and watch short videos (mainly on my iPhone).  She loves watching the chicken dance on YouTube and sing in her own little language.  She also absolutely loves making a mess.  Making a mess seems to be her job. ;)
Signature Moves: Because of her recent obsession with the chicken dance, Evie has recently been seen flapping her arms like a chicken and dancing in circles.  She also still makes the funniest faces.  She's mimicking Tom and I alot more, so if she sees us make a certain face, she will try to copy it.  It's quite hilarious actually. 

Other Milestones: Other than making huge strides in language, Evie has also learned to eat a lot better on her own with a spoon and fork.  She is also starting to show interest in potty training so I'm REALLY hoping we have some potty progress soon!  Otherwise, she seems to be on track with all other important developmental milestones.  

I know I've probably said it before, but this age is really really great and is my favorite so far.  Evie makes us laugh and smile every single day.  It's a blessing to be her mom and to  watch her grow into a beautiful little girl.  While we definitely have days of frustration, I wouldn't trade her fiesty little personality for anything. :)

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