Weekend in Review: Swimming, Sunnies, and Selfies!

While at Target the other day, I saw the crowds of people shopping for school supplies and thought...it's kind of early still, isn't it?  And then I remembered it was almost August.  Woah.  Summer slow down!  I must say, I do love August quite a bit...we still have the lovely summer weather, it's my birthday month, and the back-to-school shopping/sales are usually fabulous! :)  

This weekend was very eventful for us.  In addition to celebrating my Godmother's 40th wedding anniversary, we spent our days outside as much as possible.  Evie rocked her pink glitter shades and even managed to splash around in her little baby pool for a bit.
Swimsuit (Old Navy, soldout - Similar here)
In addition to all the outdoor time, we also spent quite a bit of time in the car this weekend, driving from point A to point B.  Lately, Evie has loved watching the videos on my iPhone that I recorded from her birthday and other family outings.  So this weekend, I let her play with my phone during one of our drives.  The next day, I look at my phone and see 50+ pictures of Evie's feet.  Poor girl is already trying to take selfies! ;)  

So there you have it - our weekend:  Swimming, Sunnies, and Selfies.


  1. Stopping by from the linkup. What sweet pics of little Evie. We always have lots of selfie pics when my girls 'borrow' my phone :)

    <3 Sarita

  2. I love the baby feet selfies!!! I'm too scared to let Aria have mine in the back.


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