It's been a year!

One year ago I set up a blog for myself on an impulse.  At that time I had been following several blogs for a while and thought I'd try writing my own!  Never did I think I would keep at it for this long!!  As a full-time working mom, it's definitely been challenging to find time to update my blog, but I'm super happy that I have kept at it!  While I might not be the best blogger out there, I have really enjoyed sharing a little piece of my world with all of you.  I have virtually met some wonderful bloggers along the way and have really appreciated all the kind words and comments that many of you have left.  I really have a great sense of respect for all the moms out there who obviously do so much for their children and it's heart-warming to see the amount of love pouring out from many of you.  I always wanted this blog to serve as a sort of online journal of my experiences as a mom, wife, friend, etc.  I hope to look back at it one day and remember all the wonderful memories that have been created.  Now that I am expecting baby #2 in just under a month, I am looking forward to continuing to share my experiences and hopefully continue to grow my blog and connect and meet more of you!!  

Thank you to everyone who has been following along and I look forward to the next year of blogging!!! 

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