Tis the Season....

Oh boy...another month has passed since I've updated my blog!  Eek!  This being a mommy to 2 kids thing is no joke!  Unfortunately the blog has taken a back seat, but I'm hopeful this time I'll get back to posting more regularly! 

I looked at the calendar today and couldn't believe that we are already 2 weeks away from Christmas Eve!!  I swear, it should still be October in my mind!

I have loved reading posts from so many bloggers about their Santa experiences with thier kids.  This year we have been prepping Evie for Santa for several weeks.  After last year's tears, we wanted to do what we could to get a smile from her in this year's visit with Santa...our efforts worked!  Check out the picture we were able to get!  SCORE! :)

We made the dreaded trip to the mall to get this shot, although I must say...I had a great experience!  We went on a weekday at around 4pm and there was no line!  Also, the mall we went to had an "Ice Palace" set up which was very Frozen-like!  Here are some shots of my little Elsa ice princess. :)

After taking our picture with Santa, we attempted some pictures of the kids in front of our Christmas tree for our Christmas card.  Getting a 2 year old to gently hold her little sister was no easy feat, but this was one of our faves from the 50+ shots I snapped.  I wish I had some of the outtakes to share with you...rest assured, they are hilarious. :) 
Finally, this past weekend Evie's daycare held a St. Nicholas Day event.  It was absolutely adorable to see a bunch of 2 year olds dressed up in their costumes attempt to put on a show for the parents.  Needless to say, most kids ended up running to their parents in tears.  My little Evie was a champ though! :)
I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season and soaking in some great memories with their little ones!! 

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