Christmas Week!

Happy Christmas week! It’s hard to believe that tomorrow is Christmas Eve! Today in Chicago we have been flirting with Spring-like weather, yet tomorrow’s forecast has snow in it! We have been preparing for Christmas for a few weeks now…since Thanksgiving ended in fact! As of today, I am officially done with all my Christmas shopping as well! What a relief! We had 15 kids to buy presents for this year…yep! 15. Tom and I picked one night last week to wrap all the gifts. In addition to severe hand cramps, I learned that I’m officially the world’s worst present wrapper! Sorry in advance to anyone getting a gift from us!! ;) 

I have loved watching the magic of Christmas unfold in Evie’s eyes this holiday season. Now that she is almost 2 ½ it’s so much more fun to partake in all the festive activities this season brings. We went to see an amazing light display in a neighboring town and she was over the moon excited. It was really quite heartwarming to see!!

I hope everyone is enjoying this time with family and friends nearby!  Have a blessed Christmas!!


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