It's the most wonderful time...of the year!

Man oh man. Less than a week until Christmas! The last couple weeks have been one big blur filled with no sleep and constant happenings (hence why my blog has been neglected!) Both girls have been sick with coughs and runny noses and Emi also has FIVE new teeth coming in. Poor kid. She is miserable and we are exhausted. But, the show must go on. While things have been hectic, we have also been enjoying lots of Christmas fun! 

 Let’s start with last weekend. We went to visit a huge Christmas display in a local suburb. Evie and Emi were obsessed with all the Christmas lights. Seeing the girls run around and enjoy the lights really warmed by heart and got me into the holiday spirit. They had a blast and I enjoyed chasing them around snapping pictures. :)  Oh, and aren't these winter hats precious?  My amazing aunt sent them from Poland and I can't help but smile and cry from laughing every time I put them on. They may look funny, but MAN are they WARM.  Thanks Ciocia! :)

 Last weekend we also had Evie’s Christmas recital at her daycare. The kids were absolutely adorable and Evie did great! She recited a poem, sang, and danced! I teared up just watching her. It’s unbelievable to me what a big girl she has become!! 

 This month things have been moving at lightening speeds. We are finally…almost…done with our Christmas shopping. Just a few more last minute gifts to go! I can’t wait for the girls to see everything that Santa brings them. I feel SO blessed to have my family around me this time of year. I hope all of you are enjoying this amazing time of year and spending it surrounded by lots of love!! 

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