Gender Reveal! It's a......

I couldn't be more excited to share with all of you that the gender of baby #2 is.....GIRL!!!  We had our 20 week ultrasound last week and I was on pins and needles all week.  My husband was convinced that we were having another girl, whereas I was feeling like maybe it was a boy!  Looks like I have absolutely NO women's intuition. haha!

Below is the ultrasound!  Prior to revealing the gender, the technician took several measurements.  We learned that baby girl weighs about 15 ounces and is growing beautifully and right on target for 20 weeks.  She is also quite the little acrobat!

I tried to mentally prepare myself for both a boy and girl and was STILL shocked when they said it was another girl!  I really am super happy about it, but the lesson is that I don't think you can ever truly be prepared to get that news! :)

We waited until the weekend to reveal the news to our family.  I didn't want to do the typical cake reveal, so instead we decided to do the balloon route!  We got a black balloon and filled it with confetti.  We told our family that we would pop the balloon and they would see either pink or blue confetti sprinkle out.  I'm a bit bummed that we weren't able to get any pictures of the balloon popping (my brother was too slow with his camera), but either way, it was a nice memory to share with my family!  We basically did something like this

Come October, we will have 2 beautiful little girls.  I'm so happy to finally know so that I can start planning our nursery and pulling out all of Evie's baby clothes.  We have so many clothes that it's nice knowing we'll be all set for baby #2! :)

I'm looking forward to matching outfits and Evie having a little sister.  I see posts by fellow blogger Jessica at Little Baby Garvin and their new baby girl and it makes me smile.  I can't wait to see Evie and baby girl #2 together!!!  


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