Summer Bucket List for Outdoor Fun

We had a great weekend...spent a lot of time outdoors and got to really enjoy the beautiful summer-like weather.  It's days like that where I really wish we lived in an environment that was sunny and warm more days in the year.  We are such an outdoors family, and Evie would spend 99.9% of her time outside if we let her.  

I recently saw several posts about a summer bucket list so I thought I'd come up with one as well.  Here goes!

1.  Go to the zoo at least 3 times - Evie LOVES animals
2.  Go out for icecream and sit outside to enjoy it
3.  Have a family picnic at our local forest preserve
4.  Go for a family hike at our local nature preserve
5.  Take a bike ride (this one might be tough for me the preggo!)
6.  Visit the Shedd Aquarium downtown
7.  Go to the botanical gardens and see all the pretty flowers, trees, and plants
8.  Have a campfire and make s'mores
9.  Watch fireworks (hopefully Evie will not be scared?!) and light sparklers!
10.  Go to the park another 10,343,963 times
11.  2-3 weekend getaways to relax outdoors (Michigan, Wisconsin, etc.!)
12.  Fruit picking - strawberries, raspberries, cherries, peaches, etc.!
13.  Go to 1-2 more carnivals
14.  Go to a splash pad/water park
15.  Go to a farmers market
16.  Sit outside in our gazebo with a cold drink and music
Hopefully we can squeeze all these things in this summer.  I am hoping to fully taking advantage of the summer with Evie and enjoy lots of quality time while she is still an only child!  

Here are a few recent pictures of some outdoor fun we had....
Riding a pony at a local amusement park!
She is obsessed with sitting in my car and pretend driving
Being her silly self :)

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