Changing Seasons & Cozy Toddler Apparel

The last few days we have experienced a bit of an Indian summer in the Midwest – 70s. I’m not complaining! But this morning, the cool air moved in. Again – not complaining! I actually really like 50s and 60s. That’s the nice thing about living where I live...we get all the seasons and all kinds of weather! The girls and I have been soaking up every last bit of nice weather that we can. My dad was over last weekend and we took the girls to their favorite place on the planet – the park. :) 

We also have been stocking up on fall/winter clothes for the girls. Which involved going to MY favorite place on the planet – Target. :)  Here’s little miss Evie modeling a hat she found. She muttered the cutest words right after I took this picture – “I look good mama.” I was crying from laughter. What a little fashionista. 

 In addition to some awesome finds at Target, I love Old Navy's selections for baby and toddlers.  Is there anything more fun that shopping for our minis?  I thought I’d share some cozy girl items that I found that I LOVE for this time of year.

Cable Knit Beanie Hat  |  Fleece Tunic  |  Open Cardigan  |  Tall Cozy Boots  |  Plaid Leggings  |  Faux-Fur Trim Jacket

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