Our Halloween

Halloween is definitely a very fun holiday, especially when you have kiddos.  This year was no exception!  With any holiday, I love trying to find matching pajamas for the girls. This year, I was able to scoop up these "BOO!" jammies from the Gap Outlet for $5 each!  I think the girls looked pretty cute in them. :)

Quite a difference from last year.  Look how little our Emi was!!  

Last year, Emi was just a couple weeks old at Halloween so we just put her in a pumpkin hat.  This year, however, with her being a year old, we were able to dress her up in a regular costume. Evie decided she wanted to be a bumble bee this year, which worked out perfectly since we had her old ladybug costume that Emi then wore!  

Here are our two little bugs. 

Unfortunately mother nature was not very nice to us this year and it was raining pretty much all day on Halloween.  Fortunately, we had a Halloween-themed birthday party to go to that day, so the girls were able to run around in their costumes and play with their cousins.  We also found some time where there was a break in the rain to sneak in some trick-or-treating!!  Evie was obsessed with running down the street and collecting her candy.  It was so fun watching her. :)

After a few houses of trick-or-treating, we were back to the party where all the kids (and adults) stuffed their faces with candy.  It was quite a fun time for all. :)

Now on to the next holiday...bring on the turkey!!!


  1. Love the costumes!!! Super cute girls. :)

  2. oh my word! Those bug costumes are so adorable!!!!


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