It's the Little Things - like my little Apple :)

The last couple weeks have flown by!  I'm so excited to have finally shared my special news with the world and am already counting down the weeks until we can meet this little bun in my oven!  While we are pretty terrified on how we will be able to handle 2 kids, I'm confident that the hubby and I are up for the challenge.  Hopefully having two kids close in age will be worth the first couple years of chaos. :) 

I'm also super excited to see Evie be a big sister.  Hopefully she loves her future brother or sister as much as all her baby dolls!

  With that said, here's my weekly bump-date! 
How Far Along: 15 weeks
Size of Baby:  The size of an apple this week :)
Gender:  We technically could find out since one of the tests I did also checks for gender, but we decided to wait until the traditional 20 week ultrasound.  The anticipation is killing me!  I feel like it's a boy, but I also thought that with my first pregnancy and I was very wrong. :)

Weight Gain: Probably around 3-5 lbs.
Symptoms:  Still just an occasional headache.  I feel so lucky to not have awful morning sickness!
Food Cravings/Aversions:  I've been loving soups lately - especially my mom's amazing tomato soup.  I'm also totally loving icecream.  Cliché I know. :)  So far the only aversion is still certain meats.  Tom brought home some hot grilled chicken from our local grocery store and the smell made me gag.
Movement:  Haven't felt too much.  An occasional flutter when I'm lying in bed.  I'm sure the movement will pick up in the next few weeks. :)
Sleep:  I've been sleeping really great lately!  Knock on wood.  But I've had some crazy dreams!  I remember crazy dreams during my first pregnancy too. 
Maternity Clothes:  Nope!  Still fitting in my jeans which makes me happy.  I have to find my box of maternity clothes though.  I'm sure I'll only last another month or two.
What I Miss:  Definitely miss the occasional alcoholic beverage.  Especially at Easter.  My family was enjoying wine and drinks, and I couldn't partake.  That part stinks.
Best Moment this week:  Getting normal test results back from the doc.  Baby is healthy and everything looks great. :)
Looking Forward To:  Going shopping for vacation clothes...and hopefully picking out some maternity pieces for the summer too!


  1. Love the pic of Evie clutching her doll.

  2. Stopping by from the link up!
    Evie is so cute and congratulations on your pregnancy!

  3. Love how she is clutching her baby doll! My daughter is really into babies right now too! Congrats on your pregnancy! Can't wait to read all about y'all's fun adventures with two! Stopping in from the link up! -xo


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