It's the Little Things - Literally! :)

Happy Thursday everyone!  I missed a couple posts this week since Evie has been sick with a fever.  Luckily, she is doing much better now, so I can dedicate some time to blogging again! :)  I'm bummed I missed out on my "It's the Little Things" post yesterday, but I figured, I'd just post it today anyways!  My "little thing" this week is quite literally, a LITTLE THING growing in my tummy! :)  So I thought I'd start doing some "bumpdates"!  I've been looking forward to doing these with baby #2.  I'll also try to post some pics once my bump starts showing :)
How Far Along: 14 weeks
Size of Baby: Lemon!
Gender: Don’t know yet.  We are looking forward to finding out hopefully in late May.

Weight Gain: Only about a 1-2 lbs. so far
Symptoms: I’ve had awful headaches this time around. Thankfully no sickness to speak of yet. Otherwise I’ve just been feeling extra tired.
Food Cravings/Aversions: I’ve been loving fruit – mainly oranges, strawberries, and blueberries. And of course, anything chocolate. The only aversion so far has been certain meats.
Movement: Feeling some flutters when I am laying still in bed at night! It’s exciting to feel them a little earlier this time around!
Sleep: Pretty good, but already starting to toss and turn.  Since I'm a stomach sleeper, the pressure is already making me uncomfortable.  I have a feeling sleep is going to be tough this pregnancy. :(
Maternity Clothes: Not yet. Still wearing my regular clothes. I’m looking forward to dresses and maxi skirts this summer though!
What I Miss: Having a glass of wine. And guzzling down coffee every morning.
Best Moment this week: Finally sharing the news with the world!
Looking Forward To: Our trip to Florida in a couple weeks! Can’t wait to dip my toes in the ocean and soak up some rays at the beach!!

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  1. oh my gosh! I missed the announcement! I just went back and saw it and it's so adorable!


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