It's the Little Things - Like Funny Faces

As I was flipping through my iPhone this morning, I couldn't help but notice that half of my pictures probably need to be deleted because either they are blurry or Evie is making a crazy face.  As I started to delete some, I thought, why would I delete the ones where she is making a funny face?  If anything, these pictures are AWESOME because they show off her spunky and silly personality.  Ten years from now, I definitely want to remember what a silly little girl she was.     

So, for this week's "It's the Little Things" I thought I would share some of the many faces of little Miss Evie.  You never know what crazy face you'll get when you ask her to smile...but I wouldn't have it any other way. :)


Happily linking up every Wednesday with Ashley from Words about Waverly and Jess from Sadie Sky Boutique for "It's the Little Things!"  :)


  1. Aww, love the little scrunched up face!! Elin makes that face but I can almost never catch it in a photo.

  2. Such cute faces! I love the scrunched face look!

  3. What a cute little nose wrinkle! I love when Aria does her nose wrinkle. She use to do it all the time and now it is only every once in a while, so definitely cherish those pictures!

  4. Oh my goodness, she's such a cutie! My little one has started to make faces, too :)


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