It's the Little Things - Like Riding in Style

Evie just turned 20 months the other day, and I can't believe at how much she has changed just in the last 2 months!  Not necessarily physically, but rather developmentally!  She is saying so much more, showing us what she likes, and just developing such a sweet personality.  I can't get enough of just watching what she'll do next.  One of my favorite moments in the last week was a trip to that heavenly place for kids - Toys 'R Us.  I loved watching her face light up when she saw all the toys and found it so interesting to see what attracted her attention.  No surprise, she loved all the baby dolls and stuffed animals.  But what really got her excited was when we went down the Power Wheels aisle.  This little girl was hopping around from car to car.  She's obviously got a need for speed.  We might just need to invest in one of these bad boys this summer.

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  1. I know what you mean about the big spurt in communication. One day a few weeks ago Elin did the same thing!


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