Citrus Lane March 2014 Review

Happy Monday friends!  Instead of a love list I wanted to share my long overdue review of our March Citrus Lane box.  For those unaware, Citrus Lane is a subscription service.  Your subscription includes a surprise box every month filled with products tailored to your child's age.  This is our 6th box from Citrus Lane.

Here's a picture of this month's contents!

Contents spelled out:

1)  You Are My Baby: Safari by Chronicle Books ($8.99) -- Yay!  Another book to add to Evie's collection!  We love getting new books and this one is great!!  I love how thick and sturdy this book is and the fact that it is divided into a large book and one "baby" book.  It is super cute and a great addition to this month's box!! :)

2)  Medi Buddy First Aid Kit by me4kidz ($5.25) -- We got one of these first aid kits at our baby shower several years ago and still have it, but these things are great!  You can toss it in your diaper bag or in your car and always have some band-aids and medical supplies handy for those unexpected ouchies!  I love that the kit includes stickers too...because what kid does not love getting a sticker after an ouchie?

3)  All-Natural Hand Sanitizing Wipes by Clean Well  ($5.24) -- This was the item I was least excited to see in the box.  Normally I don't mind hand sanitizing items, but as soon as I smelled this one, I almost gagged.  The scent, Orange Vanilla, was just NOT GOOD.  This one will either get tossed or passed along to someone who doesn't mind the scent.

4) Under the Sea Qubes (wooden animal toys) by Hape Toys ($9.99) -- This was definitely Evie's favorite toy from this month's box.  It was the first item she wanted me to open and she loves playing with these.  Below is a picture of her playing with the animals.  Ignore the mis-matched socks. ;)

The verdict:  With a total retail value coming in at $29.47, I feel I got a decent value for my $25 investment this month.  The only item I really was disappointed with was the wipes (mainly due to the scent) but otherwise, every item was something I would have bought myself.    

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