Citrus Lane January 2014 Review

Happy Friday everyone!  TGIF!  I am personally super happy the weekend is here.  This was a rough week and I am ready for some relaxation and fun with the family this weekend!  

As I do every month,  I thought I'd post some pictures and a review of our January Citrus Lane box.  For those unaware, Citrus Lane is a subscription service.  For $25/month you get a surprise box every month filled with products tailored to your child's age.  This is our 4th box.
Here's a picture of this month's contents!

Contents spelled out:

1)  Zoo Lunchie by Skip Hop ($14.00) -- This one was definitely the best item in the box.  It was the first thing Evie saw and immediately wanted me to open.  She probably thought it was a bear. ha.  Even though Evie does not go to school and we don't pack lunches for her often, I LOVE Skip Hop products and am certain we will use this cute case in the future. 

2)  First Shape Sorter by Plan Toys ($10.00) -- This toy is pretty cool. I like that it's a learning toy and that it will be easy to grab and go.  Evie seemed a bit confused by this toy, however, since it's not very easy to get the pieces to fit through the holes.  I'm sure she'll get better with it after some time, but overall, this one was just OK.

3)  Travel Wipes by Dapple  ($3.49) -- I am familiar with the Dapple brand since we purchased these wipes before and also have used their baby-safe dishwashing soap.  I was actually pretty bummed to see this in the box.  Obviously Evie didn't care much for it either.  Even though I'm a bit of a germophobe, I don't think we'll be using these.  

4) Adhesive bandages by Ouchies Jr. ($5.00) -- Another bummer.  I get it, kids get hurt...bandages are needed.  But why send these in a winter box when kids are not actively playing outdoors?  I probably would have appreciated these in a summer box when, but getting them now is a bit silly if you ask me.

The verdict:  This one was disappointing.  I liked the Skip Hop lunch case and the shape toy was nice, but otherwise, the box was not impressive.  I would have loved a bath toy or something that would be more appropriate for winter months. 

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