*** Snow Day ***

As the weathermen predicted, today we woke up to temperatures that I shiver to even type: -18 degrees Fahrenheit.  And yes, that is the REAL temperature.  The wind chills brought us down to around -42.  Put simply: ridiculous.  Needless to say, it was NOT safe to take my little Evie outside.  I made the decision to work from home today...which by the way is awesome.  I am STILL in my PJs and it's almost time to put Evie to bed.    

Anticipating the arrival of this "polar vortex," we took advantage of the snow this past weekend, while it was in the 30s (warm compared to this!).  While we have taken Evie sledding outside our house once before, this was her first time actually getting to walk around and play in it.  She was a little frightened at first but then started trekking around the park and did not want to leave!

As her tiny little nose started to turn a brighter shade of red, I knew it was time to call it a day.  We decided to treat ourselves to some warm coffee and treat Evie to some organic juice - Starbucks it was!  Evie made herself right at home.  :)

We had a blast this weekend and can't wait to enjoy some more winter activities once the extreme cold sweeps back out of the Midwest.  We're really looking forward to building a snowman, for example, but the snow has been too light.  Hopefully soon!  

I hope all of you are staying warm!!!  One of these always helps... :)

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