Oh, Hello 2014!

Happy 2014 everyone!  I hope everyone had a fun and safe NYE celebrating with loved ones!  Our New Years Eve was wonderful.  We kicked off the celebrations with a festive NYE fruit snack for Evie.  I just love doing cute snacks like this.  I'm sure she doesn't understand why mommy doesn't just throw the fruit in a bowl and call it a day, but I love doing fun things like this...and why the heck not?!  I can't wait until she is a bit older and really gets a kick out of this stuff. 

Later in the evening we got dressed to go to my sister-in-law's house for some NYE fun.  I attempted to take a picture of my HAPPY girl, but she just wouldn't smile for the camera! :(  We need to work on her picture posing skills this year!! 

Our new years celebration was a blast!  It consisted of yummy food, desserts, and plenty of booze!  Evie and her cousins ran around the entire time screaming and jumping, basically having the the time of their lives.  Can you believe this little munchkin made it to midnight?!  I was so happy to ring in the new year and give Evie a big wet kiss when the clock struck 12!  Literally 5 minutes later, she was out like a light.  :)

I also wanted to take a second and thank everyone who has been reading the blog.  I'm still fairly new to this, but the last couple months have been so much fun!  I love getting inspiration from other bloggers and have been loving sharing our world with all of you.  Can't wait for more blogging this year!  Happy Happy Happy New Year again to all of you!!!

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