Apples and Pumpkins and Wine - Oh My!

Weekend getaway number 2 this fall is officially under our belt, and boy was it a fun one!  Destination: Traverse City, Michigan.  Prior to our departure I was a stalker - checking to see what mother nature had up her sleeve for us.  Sadly, all I saw was a rain-filled weather forecast on the days leading up to our departure but then I thought...hey, not much I can do.  If it rains, it rains...and it did.  But, we got lucky and it seemed to only rain in the mornings and at night, so we still got to enjoy plenty of Michigan goodness.  Evie didn't mind the morning drizzle either because it meant she got to see ducks swimming about on the lake outside.

Day #2 of our trip included a drive up Old Mission Peninsula to check out the lighthouse at the end as well as make a stop at a winery - Chateau Chantal.  Can I just say...AMAZING.  Where have you been all my life?!!  Needless to say, I was happy to take home a bottle of wine goodness from this heavenly place.  

Sunday was probably my favorite day of our trip because we got to do the traditional fall activities - go to a farm and pick out pumpkins and pick our own apples!  I just about DIED when I saw this INCREDIBLE pumpkin patch.  I mean, seriously!  Why don't we have places this awesome in Illinois?  Just a giant pumpkin patch with no one there but us!!!

Then came the apple picking.  Again, heaven.  Apples galore and all looked so delicious!  I had a blast chasing my little munchkin around the farm and watching her enjoy all the apple picking/throwing her little heart desired.  I just love my little apple monster to pieces!  What a great time!!!

We also did PLENTY of more fun activities...such as travel up the Leelanau Peninsula, visit to Arcadia Dunes, stop at Ludington, and MORE.  The 4 day trip flew by but we had a truly fun-filled weekend.  I couldn't have asked for a better vacation. I got some quality time with my little girl and husband, which was the best part. Cheesy, sorry, but true. :)

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