My Little Fashionista

For those of you who know me, you know I'm not fashion-forward, at fact, you might as well call me "Plain Jane" or "Frumpy Alice." HA.  However, I've always loved fashion and admired people who really put time into making it a priority.  

When I learned I was having a little girl last February, I was super excited and immediately thought about all the cute clothes I would be able to dress her in!  While the first several months of Evie's life were all about the onesies and sleep 'n plays, I've recently begun to focus on her little style (while staying on a budget of course!)  I've been really impressed by the stylish selections I've been finding in stores like Target, Carters, Old Navy, and Baby Gap!  Here are a few of my fall fashion finds that have inspired Evie's wardrobe this season!!

Striped Dress  |  Tan Boots  |  Purple Sweater  |  Denim Jacket  |  Military-style Coat  |  Leggings  |  Peplum Skirted Bodysuit  |  Chevron Infinity Scarf  |  Gold Ballet Flats

Sorry readers who have little boys!  Maybe one day I'll do a post on toddler boy fashion, but for now, girl clothes it is!! Until next time!  

Happy weekend everyone! :)

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