Fall Decor Inspirations

Back in May, Tom and I began our big basement project.  Our hope was that we could get everything done by the end of the summer.  As the weather got nicer, however, we decided to enjoy the outdoors and pick things back up when the weather started cooling down.  And so, here we are...now finally returning to the project!  After this weekend, the basement will FINALLY be ready for painting and then...furnishing and decorating!  My favorite part!  WooOOOHooo! :) 

Since taking on this gigantic project, I started browsing some sites to get some inspiration.  I'd love to be able to get some small pieces that I can swap in and out depending on the season.  For fall, there are a TON of amazing options.  I thought I'd share some of my favorite finds! :)

Rug  |  Basket with Chalkboard Front  |  Throw Pillow  |  Peach Blossom  |  Floor Vase  |  Boxwood Bundle Decor  |  Elephant Tea Light Holders  |  Leaf Tray  |  Birch Candle Holders

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