Citrus Lane October 2013 Review

For several months now, I have been hearing from many moms about Citrus Lane.  For those of you unfamiliar with it, Citrus Lane is essentially a monthly subscription service that sends out packages once a month filled with toys, books, and baby products that are tailored for your child based on their age and gender.  I loved the idea of getting a surprise box each month, and I've heard such great things, so I thought I'd give it a try.  I also had a half-off coupon, so this month's box was only $12.50 (compared to the usual $25).  I thought I'd share the contents with all of you!

Here's Evie unboxing the October 2013 box...

And here's a closer look of everything inside:

Contents spelled out:

1)  Water Bugs from boon ($9.99) -- This one was by far Evie's favorite from the box.  Since she is a huge fan of bathtime, she will definitely be loving this one when we try it out in the tub tonight!  Can't wait to see her catch some water bugs! ;)

2)  Babytime! Playful Wash ($9.00) -- I'm excited to try this one out.  Although we are pretty loyal to our Aquaphor Baby Wash, this one is all-natural with a light citrus scent.  Again, something we'll test out during Evie's next bath time!

3)  Green tones Triangle Castanet ($11.99) -- This was the second toy that Evie picked up from the box.  She was intrigued by it and when I showed her that she could make sounds/music with it, she ran off with it.  Seems to be a great new toy! 

4)  Baby Bug Book & Digital Subscription ($2.83 / $4.50) -- While we probably won't be using the digital subscription, this book is cute.  Evie is now really starting to love picking up books and pretending to read them, so this is perfect.

Evie playing with the boon Water Bugs net

The verdict:  I recommend Citrus Lane based on this box.  All in all, I am pleased with the contents!  For $12.50, I definitely feel like I got the bang for my buck with this box, and it was a blast to watch Evie open it and explore what was inside.  I'm looking forward to seeing what next month brings!  

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  1. Sounds cool. Definitely a good idea to have gifts to unpack each month


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