Basement Tour

Happy Thursday everyone!!!  Since our lives have recently been revolving around our basement remodel, I thought I'd share some pictures of the progress and the ideas we have to finish the space.  I am SO eager to get the construction part done so that we can move on to decorating! :)

In this first picture, you can see that we have now finished sanding, patching, and painting!  Tom and I really wanted to keep the space feeling very airy and light so we picked a subtle tan color for the walls.  I believe it is called Sand Dollar.  The paint was purchased at Sherwin Williams.

This side of the basement will be used for Evie's play area!  We are hopping to get some nice storage against some of the walls for all her books and toys.  I'm also obsessed with the idea of getting her a teepee to play in!  I've found several on Pinterest that look SO CUTE.  Check out this one!  How awesome would it be for her to camp out in this little teepee this winter!!!  

On this side of the basement (more on the right side that you can't see here), we are planning to have a small family room/living area.  We would love to get a cozy sectional to place in the middle of the room with a TV and possibly a fun throw rug underneath!  In the area to the far left, Tom wants to build a small bar.  However, I'm thinking of putting my sewing table there and maybe a little craft area.  I am determined to set up a station down in our new basement so I can finally start using the sewing machine I got for my wedding shower THREE years ago! ;)  

Finally, check out this little nook.  I think I'm secretly most excited about this space.  My original idea was to paint the walls with chalkboard paint.  We might still do that, but if not, then I think we might install some open shelving for her books and it can be a little reading corner!

We are getting closer every day and it's making me more and more excited.  We just had our basement measured for carpeting.  I think we are going to go that route since tile just seems too cold to me, and hardwood flooring looks great, but would cost us a fortune for the 750 square feet we have down there!  Once we get flooring installed, we'll just need to affix white moldings, and then it's time for the fun part! :)  I'll be sure to post another update, so check back soon!  I'm still hoping that we can have most of it done by Christmas.  I'm dreaming of a Christmas morning spent playing in our new cozy basement and watching a Christmas Story on TV! :) :)

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