Monday Loveday

It’s still hard for me to believe that it’s already November. Weren’t we just celebrating Evie’s birthday in July? I swear, months go by so much quicker when you have kids! Anywho…it’s Monday, and that means it’s time for my weekly Loveday list! Here we go! 

1) We were over at my sister-in-law’s house this weekend and they served us INCREDIBLE banana bread. I’ve always been a fan, but this one in particular was heavenly. I was certain that she had baked it from scratch, but then learned she used Chiquita Banana Bread Mix! We are DEFINIETLY going to be making loaves of these at home this fall/winter! They are DELISH. I was immediately a fan and they look so easy to make! 

2) With the cool weather, I’ve been loving sweater dresses! To me, there’s nothing cuter on a little toddler than a cute sweater dress, some tights, and boots! I’m loving them this season and have picked up a few and been gifted some. Here’s Evie modeling a few of my favorites! 

3) Speaking of dresses, I was on the hunt for a formal dress for Evie to wear to my cousin’s baby’s baptism party recently, and turned to my good friend Amazon. I signed on for a Prime trial, and it’s seriously the BEST THING EVER. Free 2 day shipping on everything! I ordered a dress on Wednesday afternoon and had it in my hands Friday morning. Amazing. Here’s Evie modeling the dress mommy got her. She was the belle of the ball.
Dress  |  Shoes

4) Winter approaching means dry skin for me! I’ve used a lot of lotions over the years, and the one that I’ve always loved in the winter is H2O Plus Milk Body Balm. It has a clean fresh scent and just makes my hands feel silky soft! I love it!!

5) I’ve made an effort to paint my nails more regularly, but always seem to smudge them or do an awful job because I'm rushing to do it while Evie is napping or just don't leave myself enough time to let them dry fully. I'm hoping to find more time and refresh my nail polish collection though!  While perusing the aisles of Ulta last week, I spotted some awesome Essie colors that I want to get. I’m loving all the colors on the Essie Pinterest board here. Can I just get them all please?? 

6) I know I’m not alone, when I say I love chalkboards. I think they’ve definitely become more trendy lately, and I’ve jumped on the bandwagon. I LOVE the idea of getting a big chalkboard and writing fun family messages on it and maybe even listing off our weekly dinner menu. Maybe one day we’ll find one that will work well in our home. In the meantime, I found this cute hanging chalkboard slate on a rope at Hobby Lobby recently and decided to purchase it! It was practically free, under $5! We hung it in our little walkway between the stairs and our kitchen and I’ve been playing with chalk and writing things like “Happy Fall” and “Trick-or-Treat” on it and decorating with colored chalk. Not only do I get to play with chalk, but I also think it looks super cute and adds a personalized touch to our home!

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