Monday Loveday

Ok friends, it's another edition of my Monday Loveday list....Here we go.

1) Let's just point out the obvious one - I've definitely jumped on the Christmas train.  My number 1 loveday list item is Christmas ANYTHING! ;) From lit trees, to fresh tree trimmings, to Christmas music.  I am just all-in for the holiday season.  I was really holding myself back from pulling out our Christmas decor and starting to put stuff up this weekend.  But next Friday (day after Thansgiving), it's game on!  I've also already professed my love for festive PJs in a previous post.  But seriously...I mean, come on, Christmas jammies on a toddler + "I just woke up" bed-head = total cuteness!!!!  

2) Another recent obsession of mine - patterned tights for Evie!  I've always been a huge fan of solid colored clothing with accessories.  This definitely translates over to how I dress little E!  I got these and these from Old Navy recently.  I also am hunting for mismatched tights (where one leg is different than the other!)  I'd love to get some fun Christmas ones for Evie! :)

3) Another repeat from a previous post - nail polish!  I'm still loving Essie, but have also started eyeing some awesome metallic colors from other brands!  I've been drawn to anything with an extra shine or luster to it!  Metallic reds for Christmas??  YES, sign me up!!!

4) When it comes to my TV picks, it's been nothing but old-school shows for me recently:  re-runs of Beverly Hills 90210 on the Soap channel, Full House on Nick at Night, and Brady Bunch on TVLand - I'm just loving these shows!  Give me a glass of wine, a warm blanket, and my old school shows, and I'm golden. 

5) Evie and I have been lounging around the house a lot lately and I'm always admiring her cute little booties.  Check out these gems.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE them and wish they made them in my size!  Winter white fleece booties for the winter??  HEART.

6) Last but not least, on my loveday list is something I can't wait for more of this winter - Lazy Sundays!!!  Yesterday was a perfect lazy Sunday, especially with our crazy Midwest weather thunderstorm and flash flood in November!  It was pouring cats and dogs and the family and I just relaxed on the couch and munched on snacks.  It was PERFECT.

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