Monday Loveday

Happy Thanksgiving week!!  I can't wait for some gobble gooble turkey fun with family this week.  So, let's get to it...Monday Loveday time!

1) Last week I had a "situation" with our diaper bag:  I spent FIVE FULL MINUTES digging in it to find a sock.  I'm dramatic, I know. ;)  But seriously...unacceptable!  While I loved my diaper bag (this one) when we first got it, over time, it just became a bottomless pit and I would have to dig to find every little thing!  Meet my new found love:  The JJ Cole Satchel Diaper Bag (Stone Arbor).  In addition to it being amazing in terms of the amount of space and functional use, it is just so darn cute!  Can I wear this around even when I don't have Evie with me? ;) LOVE LOVE LOVE.

2) Loveday list item #2 for today = Chiffon blouses!  It might be the fact that I love this material, but it doesn't hurt that they are flattering on almost everyone and can be dressed up or down!  I picked up 3 new blouses from Old Navy recently, including this one, and can't wait to wear them!!!

3) Christmas lights have to be on my list, right?!! This past weekend, we went to Home Depot and Evie was fascinated by all the Christmas decor (that's my girl!).  All I heard out of her mouth was "oh wow, oh wow."  Cutest thing ever! :)  We decided to buy her a small merry-go-round that lit up and played Christmas music.  She was loving it.  On our car ride home, I watched her stare at the lights.  As cheesy as it sounds, I got a little emotional!  Seeing the reflection of Christmas lights in her eyes made me realize how amazingly blessed we are to be sharing our 2nd Christmas with this little angel.

4) When it comes to home decor, I have been loving decorating with flowers!  Just because it's almost winter doesn't mean that you can't spruce your house up with some fresh flowers!  I've been mixing white carnations (Yes, the hated carnations, which I happen to like!) with red berries and green stems and making some holiday arrangements!!  I have so much fun making my own little arrangements, throwing them in a mason jar, and placing them around the house.  Flowers can bring such life and festiveness to otherwise boring spaces!

5) I am also loooooooving this candle I got from Target last week:  Sparkling Cranberry.  It already smells like Christmas in our house and I'm a happy camper. :)

6) Finally, even though my loveday list is dominated my Christmas-related items, Thanksgiving is this Thursday, and that means FOOD, and lots of it.  Even though we'll probably have a lot of traditional dishes, I'm also looking forward to my mom and aunt whipping up some Polish delights like kopytka and pierogi!  So concludes my list, with yummy Thanksgiving food as my final list item. :)   

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Enjoy your turkeys and yummy dinners, and don't forget to give your loved ones an extra hug and kiss!  'Tis the season to be THANKFUL! :)

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