Evie's Sunday Funday at Yu Kids Island

Happy Monday everyone! Although I usually do loveday posts on Monday, I'm switching it up this Monday and instead doing a quick review of Yu Kids Island, an indoor playground inside our local mall. As a mom, I'm always looking for fun places to take our growing little girl, and this place has been on our list for a while.  Our family decided to finally go check it out this weekend...

Let's start with the price.  We paid $12.50 for her to play on the weekend.  While at first I thought this was a little pricey, my mind quickly changed when I saw all the fun activities this place had!  This is a bright and fun play space unlike any other I have seen.  The flooring is entirely covered in those foam puzzle piece mats and everything is soft and padded so that there is virtually no way to get hurt.  As a mom, that is awesome in itself!

One of the highlights for Evie: a loft area with huge balloons.  They have fans running to swirl the balloons around and kids chase around trying to catch them.  Here's Evie entranced by the balloons:

It took a good 15-20 minutes for my little munchkin to get really warmed up to this place, but once she did, she was in heaven.  This picture pretty much sums up her expression for the duration of the time.  I think it was like an explosion of senses for her - kids laughing and running, bright colors, and fun things to touch!

This place has such fun little attractions like a jungle-gym type thing, little cubes that spin around, and a little merry-go-round that was slow moving and fun.  Evie literally ran around to her heart's content exploring every little corner of this space.  While the place isn't huge, it offers enough to keep kids easily entertained.  

Another highlight of Yu Kids Island is the "water slide" and little tunnel to crawl through underneath.  The slide has a water running with a clear plastic top over it so it looks like you are sliding down a waterfall!  Evie loved this "wee" as she called it.  She also couldn't get enough of the tunnel underneath.  I think she crawled through this thing about 20 times. :)

Finally, I LOVED that this place had a soft padded area for free play!  It's great for all ages, especially for the younger crowd.  I saw people with babies as young as 7 months here!  I let Evie loose here and she played with the giant soft cubes and rolled around on the padded flooring.  So fun!!!   

Overall, I think Yu Kids Island was a huge hit!  After warming up, Evie seemed to have a blast running around this place.  It looks to be a wonderful option to take her this winter to let out some energy.  While a bit on the pricey side for an indoor playground, I think it's worth taking her once a month or so to run around and develop her gross motor skills!  Plus, I was impressed that the place seems to be kept clean!  I saw staff walking around vacuuming and cleaning surfaces while we were there.  The verdict:  we will definitely be back for more fun!!!

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