Baby It's Cold Outside...

The Midwest has gotten a blast of cold air and we are hovering in the 20s for the next couple days!  BRRrrrRRRRrrrr!!!  Wouldn't it be nice if we could just be like Bears and hibernate through these cold days?  The family and I have been trying to stay warm and cozy.  Nowadays I'm living in leggings and fuzzy socks and drinking hot cocoa like it's my job.  I've also become obsessed with baking things in our oven in the evenings.  From cinnamon rolls, to crescent rolls, to oatmeal raisin cookies...this is the one good thing about winter!  Curling up on the couch with a mug of warmth and some tasty goodies!  

Below are s'more of my favorite winter items! See what I did there? ;)   

Stay warm everyone!!!
T-19 days until Santa comes!
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