Monday Loveday

Happy Monday everyone!  I'm posting a little late today, but I definitely wanted to get it in!  Here we go...

1)  First and Foremost, I am loving THIS picture with Santa.  Bwahahahaha.  My little Evie was NOT a fan of Santa during a recent visit. 

2)  Leggings and slippers.  When I get home from work, it's the first thing I throw on.  Any kind of leggings and these amazing slippers I picked up from Target.  I have seem similar styles all over blogsville and had to get them.  The hubby calls me an abominable snowman, but I think they are the best thing ever! :)

3)  Target's Christmas section.  It's like an explosion of awesomeness every time I hit up the Christmas section at Target.  From this awesome reindeer to this festive berry wreath.  I LOVE all their new designers and all the awesome decor!  I want to get it ALL for my house!!  

4)  Plaid for Evie!  I've been eying so many cute holiday outfits for Evie and am loving so many items in Plaid!  There is just something so sweet about a little girl in a red plaid skirt at Christmas time!  One of my favorite outfits has to be this cardigan paired with this skirt from Janie and Jack!

5)  Vintage toys, especially anything wooden!  Evie recently inherited this awesome wooden rocking horse from grandma and grandpa (an awesome find at the Goodwill store) and I am obsessed!  I totally need to go thrift shopping ASAP! 

6)  Finally, I am loving  our new basement!  We FINALLY got carpeting in this weekend and started moving some items down there.  Once we get it looking a bit more pulled together, I will be sure to share some pictures!  For now, we have a sectional couch down there, blankets, and plenty of toys for Evie!  It's our new favorite family hangout!  Can't wait for more family fun times down there! :)

Hope everyone has a great week!  Just 8 days until Christmas Eve. Woah baby! 

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