Winter Activities for Toddlers!

The forecast in Chicago this week consists of temps in the teens and 20s and overnight lows in the negatives! In other words, Antarctic weather. :)  Poor little Evie has been staring out the window in despair,  knowing that it's too cold to play outside.  Because of this, and because I'm sure some of you are facing the same problem, I wanted to share a list of indoor activities to keep your little ones entertained this winter!  Here are 20 ideas!  

1.  Go to a children's museum
2.  Have a baking party and let your little one help!
3.  Make some music!

4.  Take a trip to your local library or a bookstore to pick out some new books
5.  Have a playdate with other kids
6.  Go to an indoor play gym or play center
7.  Put down some newspaper, dress your little one in old clothes, and do some painting (with non-toxic/kid-friendly paint of course!) :)
8.  Put on some fun music and do some silly dancing together
9.  Gather all kinds of cardboard boxes, lay them out, and see the fun that unfolds!
10.  Have a pool party in the bathtub - complete with bubbles, glow sticks, toys, and more
11.  Indoor bowling - get a kids bowling set up make an impromptu one with household items
12.  Take a car ride - during Christmas time go at night and look at the lights!

13.  Build a fort with couch cushions or blankets
14.  Go to an Aquarium so your little one can marvel at marine life!
15.  Take some time to "smell the roses" at an indoor conservatory or green house
16.  Buy some long twisting balloons and make balloon animals
17.  Visit a toystore and get toys - one to play with and one to donate!
18.  Build a castle from legos or visit Legoland (if you have one nearby)
19.  Take your little one to a kid-friendly diner for a fancy breakfast
20.  Stay at an indoor waterpark for a night or two and enjoy some splish-splashing fun!

Did I miss any good ones?  I'd love to hear your indoor toddler activities below! :)      

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