Citrus Lane December 2013 Review

Happy Wednesday everyone!  Can you believe there are just 7 days left until Christmas!?!  Santa is coming!!! :)  Just in time for the holidays, we received our third box from Citrus Lane yesterday!  Citrus Lane is a subscription service.  For $25/month you get a surprise box every month filled with products tailored to your child's age.  This is our third month receiving the box and it's always fun to see Evie open these (while mommy snaps pics!) ;)

Here's Evie opening up her December box!

And here's a closer look of everything inside:

Contents spelled out:

1)  Melissa & Doug Rainbow Stacker ($7.99) -- This was the first toy Evie grabbed for upon opening the box.  She already has a few stacking toys, but they are plastic and not nearly as cute as this set!  I'm also a huge fan of classic wooden toys, so I'm sure this will last us a very long time! 

2)  Pearhead Handprint Canvas Wall Art ($9.99?) -- I couldn't find this exact product online (only the set of 4 canvas set) but I'm guessing this would retail around $9.99.  I LOVED seeing this in the box this month!  We did the Pearhead handprint ornament last year and were thinking about doing handprints again this year, so this is perfect!!!  It will also be a great keepsake for years to come. :)

3)  "I Took the Moon for a Walk" Paperback Book ($7.99) -- I LOVE when we get books in the boxes!  This book looks absolutely adorable.  

4) BabyTime! Snuggly Lotion ($11.99) -- We are pretty attached to our current lotions but I still like that we got this.  During the dry winter months you can never have too much lotion on hand.  This will be great to throw into my diaper bag for dry skin emergencies! :)

The verdict:  This was definitely one of my favorite boxes!  Citrus Lane did a great job this month including fun, functional, and keepsake items!   Plus, I'm calculating $37+ retail value on this, so I definitely feel like I got my money's worth on this one.

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