Thanksgiving Recap

Our lights and tree are up and the only remnant of Thanksgiving in our house is the bag of Tupperware that I need to return to my mom (from all those leftovers she packed for me.)  HA!  It's been almost a week since Turkey Day but I wanted to do a quick recap of our day for you all!  

We started Thanksgiving day with our usual tradition - grabbing the newspaper and attacking the Black Friday ads! :)  We love sitting around our kitchen table and laying out all our favorite ads (usually Target, Walmart, and Toys R Us for me ;)) and circling the items we want to purchase.  

After our newspaper tradition, I put on my apron and started prepping to bake my apple crostada!  I didn't get a chance to do a test run earlier in the week so there was alot of pressure for a successful outcome!  Either it turned out, or I would be driving to Baker's Square to pick up whatever pie they had left!  After about an hour of prep, my pastry was in the oven baking....just in time for Evie's nap. :) I spent the rest of the morning making some pretty flower arrangements in mason jars and packing up our bags for the drive to grandma and grandpa's house.  Just as Evie woke up, my oven timer beeped - apple crostada was DONE and smelled AMAZING! :)
As far as how we dressed little Miss Evie, I went with a midnight purple velour dress from Gap, a silver glitter bow hair clip from the Children's Place, white tights, and silver ballet flats from Target.  She looked like such a sweet little girl in her fancy dress!!

We had a really nice low-key Turkey Day with just a few of our closest family.  Evie LOVED the turkey leg we gave her and it made for some hilarious pics.  

Hope everyone had a equally wonderful Thanksgiving!  Now we wait for Santa!! :)  

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